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About Emperor Cinemas The burgeoning theatrical exhibition business of Emperor Group began in 2017 when the first Emperor Cinemas in Hong Kong opened its doors at the iconic Entertainment Building, Central in close proximity to the pulsating heart of the city’s lifestyle and entertainment hub in Lan Kwai Fong. The cinema features five houses including VIP House ‘the CORONET’, offering the audience a first-class luxurious viewing experience elevated with carefully crafted gourmet delights and an intimate setting. In 2018, the Emperor Cinemas expands its presence to Tuen Mun. The second property has 4 houses, which is the first cinema in Hong Kong to feature SONY 4K laser projector and ‘CLOUD’ Sound Diffusion system for an immersive, true-to-life movie experience. Emperor Cinemas (Tuen Mun) is setting up a new trend of cinema for local audiences. In 2019, the Group celebrated another milestone with the third Emperor Cinemas opened at the very heart of Ma On Shan with 4 regular houses. All theatres are equipped with both SONY 4K Laser projection system, Dolby SLS sound system and Dolby Atmos, bringing you a fully immersive movie experience. Emperor Cinemas slated to open in two prime locations in iSQUARE, Tsim Sha Tsui and Citywalk, Tsuen Wan respectively in late 2019. Emperor Cinemas (iSQUARE) boasts five houses, of particular note are VIP House ‘the CORONET’ and the IMAX® House with the biggest IMAX® with Laser Screen in Hong Kong. The cinematic experience is taken up a notch with gourmet delights prepared by in-cinema restaurants. Meanwhile at Emperor Cinemas (Citywalk), all five houses are equipped with state-of-the-art SONY 4K Laser Projector, Dolby Atmos and Dolby Surround 7.1 sound system, offering a truly immersive and engaging movie experience. 關於英皇院線 英皇集團積極發展戲院業務,首間香港英皇戲院於2017年進駐中環地標娛樂行,毗鄰蘭桂坊,內設5間影院包括貴賓影院品牌the CORONET,以舒適設備、頭等級服務及佳餚美饌,為貴賓提供更優越的觀影享受。2018年,第二間英皇戲院於屯門新都商場開業,內設4間影院,是全港首間配備「CLOUD」擴散聲音處理系統及SONY 4K Laser投映系統的影廳,為屯門帶來耳目一新的聲畫體驗。 2019年,選址馬鞍山核心地段—馬鞍山新港城中心開設第三間英皇戲院。全院共設4間影廳,每間影廳均配備SONY 4K Laser影院投映系統及杜比SLS影院音響系列(Dolby SLS),更設有杜比全景聲(Dolby Atmos®)影院,成為新界東消閒好去處。同年第四季,英皇戲院接連進駐尖沙咀及荃灣黃金地段—iSQUARE國際廣場及Citywalk荃新天地。英皇戲院(尖沙咀iSQUARE)設5間影院,包括貴賓影院品牌the CORONET及坐擁全香港最大IMAX® with Laser巨幕的IMAX®影院,帶來極致的視覺與聽覺享受。英皇戲院(荃灣荃新天地)的5間影院均配備杜比SLS影院音響系列(Dolby SLS)及採用最新SONY 4K Laser投影系統,設杜比全景聲 (Dolby Atmos®)影院,讓觀眾全情投入光影世界之中。
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