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General Information 一般資料
AlipayHK電子錢包,是由Alipay Financial Services (HK) Limited營運,並由香港金管局監管。Alipay Payment Services (HK) Limited是由世界頂尖金融科技集團暨支付寶母公司螞蟻集團與業務遍佈全球50多個國家的大型跨國企業長江和記實業有限公司設立的合資企業。現時,全港已有逾 62,000 間零售商戶支援AlipayHK電子錢包付款,涵蓋大型連鎖店、便利店、超市、小巴、街市、的士、食肆等。除付款服務外,AlipayHK電子錢包內亦為香港用戶提供各式各樣的生活消閒及便利服務。 The AlipayHK electronic wallet is operated by Alipay Financial Services (HK) Limited and regulated by the Hong Kong Monetary Authority. Alipay Payment Services (HK) Limited is a joint venture established by Ant Group, a leading global technology and financial services company and parent company of “Alipay”, and the CK Hutchison Holding Limited, a multinational conglomerate spanning over 50 countries. Currently, over 62,000 local retail outlets support the AlipayHK electronic wallet for payment, covering large chain stores, convenient stores, supermarkets, minibuses, fresh markets, taxies, restaurants and others.
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  1. Citibank (Hong Kong) Limited 花旗銀行(香港)有限公司
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