About A.S. WATSON RETAIL (HK) LIMITED 屈臣氏零食(香港)有限公司

General Information 一般資料
屈臣氏是亞洲最大的保健及美容產品零售商,業務遍布13個亞洲及歐洲市場,經營超過7,800家店舖,當中超過1,500家提供專業藥房服務。 屈臣氏在港澳擁有近240家分店,其中超過50家設有駐店藥房。店舖的專業團隊由註冊藥劑師、營養師、中醫師、健康指導、健康顧問、美容顧問、香水大使、母嬰健康顧問及護士所組成,為顧客提供無微不至的服務。 屈臣氏一直領導著保健及美容產品零售業,為顧客提供個人化的諮詢及建議,配以傲視同儕的多元化產品種類,令顧客每天都能LOOK GOOD, FEEL GREAT。自2009年起,屈臣氏為亞洲第一個人護理店/藥房品牌*,同時在歐洲烏克蘭亦為首屈一指的保健及美容產品零售商。 Watsons is Asia’s leading health and beauty retailer, currently operating over 7,800 stores – more than 1,500 of which are pharmacies, in 13 Asian and European markets. Watsons operates around 240 stores in Hong Kong and Macau, of which over 50 have in-store pharmacies. Watsons has a professional team that includes pharmacists, dieticians, Chinese medicine practitioners, wellness coach, health advisor, beauty consultants, fragrance experts, a mother & baby advisor and a nurse. They are devoted to serving customers. Watsons continually sets the highest standards in the health, wellness and beauty market, providing personalised advice and counseling in health, beauty and personal care on top of its market-leading product range, making customers LOOK GOOD, FEEL GREAT every day. Since 2009, Watsons has been the No. 1 Pharmacy/ Drugstore brand in Asia*. In Europe, Watsons is also the leading Health & Beauty retailer in Ukraine.
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